We are proud to offer a summer program specifically for those ages 15 and older with moderate communication and social needs. This program provides opportunities in 3 areas to help our participants prepare for the future.

Daily Living Skills

Developed directly from the Wisconsin Waivers Manual for those with special needs, this program provides training and education to improve the participant’s ability to independently perform routine daily activities and effectively utilize community resources. We focus on skill development in areas such as personal hygiene, food preparation, home upkeep/maintenance, money management, and accessing and using community resources.

The Social Connection

Participants receive the opportunity to interact in a recreational environment, often resulting in life-long friendships. Team building exercises, group activities, and community events all contribute to help forge bonds with their fellow participants. Whether riding roller coasters or taking the train to Chicago, this is where social desire and social opportunity meet.

The Maplegrove Café

Guided by the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR), Participants receive vocational training through working at the onsite Maplegrove Café. They apply, interview, train, and work at the café throughout the summer. Professional staff addresses executive functioning needs to provide on the job training. Participants leave with valuable skills and work experiences that they can add to their résumé.

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